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February 4, 2020

I was so inspired by Mackenzie Horan, she has done lists of 101 things I want to accomplish in the next 1001 days three times now! I love goals/bucket list ideas and over 2.75 years I think a lot can be accomplished both big and small! So here we go! 

Start Date: February 4, 2020

End Date: November 1, 2022

2 down, 99 to go


1. Read 100 books. | 2/100 | Keep You Close | The Birthday Girl |
2. Read 25 books that I already own.
3. Drink 3 liters of water every day for 1 month.
4. Work out everyday with Peloton for 1 month.
5. Hit 100 rides on Peloton. (century ride!)
6. Hit 300 rides on Peloton.
7. Organize my digital life, all photos & files – use Google Drive & Google Photos.
8. Go a full month without shopping.
9. Take 10,000 steps a day for a week straight.
10. Close all of my rings on the apple watch for 3 months straight.
11. Go to a psychic/medium.
12. Keep a journal, writing in it everyday for a year.
13. Donate to a charity that I believe in.
14. Get a facial.
15. Run a 5k.
16. Find 3 new things to cut down my carbon footprint and waste less.
17. Unsubscribe to 30 email lists that are causing clutter in my inbox.
18. Save a 6 month emergency fund.
19. Back a kickstarter campaign.
20. Invest in a classic piece for my wardrobe.
21. Try a capsule wardrobe for a month.
22. Sell 35 items on poshmark. |1/35|


23. Blog consistently for 6 months (3x a week)
Grow my @courtneydrew_reads instagram account
25. Create city guides for our favorite places with all of our go-to recommendations.
26. Post to IG and the blog because it makes you happy.
27. Take a class to learn photoshop better.
28. Review at least 5 large purchases on the blog.
29. Make a schedule and stick to it.
30. Create a media kit for my blog. 


31. Cook at least 5 new dishes together
Send out Christmas cards
33. Celebrate our 2nd anniversary
34. Celebrate our 3rd anniversary
35. Celebrate my 30th birthday
36. Celebrate our 4th anniversary
37. Create yearly albums for each year we’ve been together.
38. Take a cooking class together.
39. Hopefully start a family.
40. Get a couples massage.
41. Date night to a comedy show.
42. Take a spontaneous trip.
43. Print out all of our wedding photos.
44. Get Large prints made from our wedding photos and hang in our house.
45. Get professional photos taken for fun. 


46. Take a trip with my girlfriends
47. Host a holiday at our house
48. Make 15 recipes from our family cookbook, or cookbook from my Bridal shower. | 1/15 | Tomato Sauce from scratch |
49. Send 25 pieces of snail mail.
50. Host a dinner party at our house.
51. Take our family and friends somewhere that we love, share that experience with them.
52. Host a game night.
53. Cook a recipe that I am making for the first time for friends/family.
54. Host a football game in the fall with the projector on the side of the house. 


55. Finish phase 2 of bathroom remodel.
56. Install hardwood floors in the living room.
57. Declutter Guest Room and keep it decluttered.
58. Update the landscaping.
59. Organize the basement with shelving etc.
60. Make a workshop for all the tools.
61. Finish decor for the office.
62. Complete coffee bar project.
63. Retile and put heat into the mudroom.
64. Start making extra payments to our mortgage. 


65. Take 5 walks outside.
66. Try 10 new restaurants.
67. Try a new restaurant in Newport, RI.
68. Go to the beach at least 5 times.
69. Go to Brimfield Antique Market.
70. Spend a whole weekend at the beach.
71. Go to 3 vineyards and 3 breweries.
72. Go out on a boat for the day.
73. Visit the Farmer’s Market at least 3 times.
74. Go to 3 author meet and greets. 


75. Visit a new state.
Travel to Japan.
77. Go 5 places that I have never been before.
78. Go somewhere warm for a getaway.
79. Take a roadtrip. |Montreal Feb 8/9 2020|
80. Go on 10 weekend/day trips.
81. Explore 5 new towns in MA or RI.
82. Travel to 3 of our favorite places again.
83. Travel somewhere with another couple. 


84. Go to a music festival. |Igloofest, Montreal Feb 8, 2020|
85. Grow our vegetable garden each year with new veggies.
86. Complete 4 puzzles.
87. Take pictures with my DSLR camera.
88. Learn to speak spanish, again.
89. Watch 10 documentaries. | 1/10 | Miss Americana – Taylor Swift|
90. Watch 10 movies that i’ve never seen before.
91. Try a new workout class.
92. Create a morning routine that works for me.
93. Create a nighttime routine that works for me.
94. Try a new method of cooking food.
95. Play golf 20 times.
96. Pay in a golf tournament.
97. Watch or read the news everyday for a week.
98. Read all of the magazines that I have piled up.
99. Put $10 into savings for every goal on this list accomplished. | 2/101| $20 |
100. Go to a country concert.
101. Go a month without takeout.

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