A Day In Rockport, MA

This weekend I went to Rockport, MA. There is something about spending the day by the water that I love oh so much. I had such a blast walking around and enjoying the nautical-ness of this beautiful place. It was my first time going to Rockport but I know that it wont be the last.



We dove down to the little area where there are shops, art galleries, cafes and restaurants; parked the car and walked along the street. Bearskin Neck Road if you are interested in going yourself. 🙂 At the end of the street was the ocean (Rockport Harbor on the right side and Back Harbor on the left) and it was beautiful. There were a bunch of boats that were docked to buoys and tons of lobster traps. We walked along the jetty, which is one of my favorite parts of being near the water in the summer. I love walking along the rocks. It was SO windy, but with all the wind it kind of gave me beach hair (huge bonus).

After that we drove along the water and had some beautiful views of lighthouses which are also my favorite. It was the perfect day 🙂










This red building is one of the most photographed buildings in Rockport, for a good reason, its pefect in every way.






Isn’t Rockport so picture perfect? Where is your favorite place for a weekend day trip?


xo Courtney Drew


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