A Look Inside My Beach Tote

March 3, 2016

a look inside my beach tote

When going to the beach or pool I never leave without these in tow.

A fun, floral headband to keep all the hair out of my face and up on top of my head. Especially with the wind coming off the ocean my hair is always in my face if I don’t have a headband on!

My go-to sunnies, I love these they go with absolutely everything and are so cute. Sometimes I sub out these and bring my cheap ones so they don’t get ruined.

A well insulated water bottle is a must to keep your water cool all day long because we all know how important it is to stay hydrated at the beach because the sun is so dehydrating.

A good beach read, I am absolutely loving Elin Hilderbrand lately, I cant seem to put her books down. The Rumor was suuuch a good read, I highly recommend it.

A cute wrap, I just got the cutest wrap from Madewell last week, I have worn it everyday to the beach and even on my flight. The one pictured above is also adorable!

Dry Shampoo, you know how your hair can get at the beach so sometimes you need a little refresh with dry shampoo. This Living Proof dry shampoo is my absolute favorite. I have tried just about every dry shampoo and this one is my go-to.

Make-up wipes, because sometimes your face can feel really greasy ¬†from sunscreen or oil and you need to wipe down your face. I use these allll the time when I’m laying on the beach!

Vaseline, this is my everyday go-to, I put it on my lips too many times a day. I hate the feeling of dry lips and when I’m out in the sun they dry right out, so I apply this multiple times while out at the beach.

Australian Gold bronzing sunscreen is my favorite. It smells amazing and it gives you that deep tan while also protecting your skin. I love this sunscreen.

Striped zippered pouch, I store all of my hair elastics, headband and vaseline in here. It is zippered so it keeps the sand out and it is so easy to throw into your beach bag. I also store my phone and headphones in here while I’m not using them at the beach!


What are some of your favorites? Anything I need to add to my beach bag?



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