August is Here

I cannot believe that August is already here. I feel like just yesterday it was Memorial Day. I have been a little MIA recently, for some reason these past few weeks have felt like summer vacation and I lost all motivation. Im hoping that since today is the first day of my new planner it will help with regaining focus and it will feel like my favorite time of year fall and back to school. Trust me I am in no way trying to rush the last few weeks of summer but I am excited for the back to school. Every year, August to me, means new school/desk/organizational supplies. I spend alot of time every year trying to pick the perfect planner. I had some early excitement for all of this with the Sugar Paper line launching at Target. Now with the start of a new agenda, I will be good to go!


This year my planner is the Lilly Pulitzer large sized planner in Ocean Jewels. I was trying to decide if I wanted the large one or small, but I love writing down everything in my planner, plans, dinner ideas, to-do lists and post planning, so I went with the large one. I love the nautical-ness of the cover design, along with the fun stickers that come with it, and the cute designs on every page.




The planner that I had this year was the Sugar Paper LA for Target planner. I loved how open the pages were and how simplistic the design was. Also the price was terrific. The only downfall is that with throwing the planner into my bag everyday and carrying it into the city, this planner got alot of wear and tear. The spine of this agenda completely wore off and fell off, I ended up saving it by using some cute washi tape, that I have in this cute dispenser which is from last months Target haul. but I realized I needed a sturdier one this year. I do highly recommend this planner to someone who doesn’t carry it around with them everyday or leaves it on their desk. Also note that this planner starts in January and goes through December.




It’s no secret that I love Rifle Paper Co. I think that every one of my family and friends have received at least one card or gift from there. And this year’s planner does not disappoint. I love the floral patter of the cover and the simplistic pages inside. The reason that I did not purchase this one this year is because I was nervous about the covered spiral bound that it would wear and tear just like my Sugar Paper LA one did.



Lastly for planners, the Emily Ley simplified planner is amazing. It has so many structured pages to help with all aspects of life. It is perfect any stage of life. I love the gold pineapples and how it is spiral bound. I also love the pocket inside as well as the gold corners to keep the planner from wearing and tearing. I was seriously considering this planner but with the price at $58, I thought that the Lilly Pulitzer one was a better price. If you do choose to go with this planner they have matching pens, which are adorable, and a few other accessories to dress up your planner. Side note: Emily Ley came out with an app for the simplified planner with to-do lists, calendar, dinners, and more. Has anyone downloaded it? I’m very tempted!




Do you have any of these planners? Do you still write things down or have you converted to fully digital planners/apps/calendars?






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21 thoughts on “August is Here

  1. CUTE!! I love getting a new planner every August! I just got a few (a planner and teacher plan book) from Erin Condren!!

    xo Ashley

  2. I love all of these brands! I’ve never had a Lilly Planner, I wish the boxes inside were bigger! I’m obsessed with the covers though!

    Kayla |

  3. The Lily Pulitzer planner is gorgeous! Of course, I’ve yet to see something from her line that I don’t like.

  4. A great planner is an office essential for me. Even though I am not in college anymore I use my planner religiously! My favorite planner is the Erin Condren life planner!

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