January 28, 2020

I am constantly looking for recommendations for my next read so I figured it might be helpful to share what I have been reading to see if it inspires anyone else! These are my favorite posts to read on other people’s blogs . 

Royal Holiday – Jasmine Guillory 

I actually finished this one at the end of November but it was a perfect December book so I figured I would add it here. Think Hallmark movie turned into a book. I loved this, it was such a fun story about a mom and daughter who go spend the holidays with the Royal family for her daughters work. Her mom falls in love and the ending is just perfect! This book really got me into the holiday spirit. It was a fast read. 

The Last House Guest – Megan Miranda

This was a Hello Sunshine book (Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club) and I tend to love all of Reese’s book choices and this one did not disappoint. It was set in Littleport, Maine it was a story about two best friends, one of which is a local, Avery and the other is a summer girl, Sadie. The two were inseparable until one of them is found dead. The local police rule Sadie’s death as a suicide but Avery feels like the detective blame her and its her mission to find the truth and clear her name. I liked this book alot and would recommend, it was a quick read!

The Bride Test – Helen Hoang

This book was so interesting it was about a girl, Esme, who wanted to come to America to try to make a better life for her and her child. She stumbles along an opportunity to possibly marry an ultra wealthy man who’s mom tries to set them up, she thinks that Esme could save her son. Esme spends her entire with Khai trying to get him to show any sort of feelings for her but he is convinced he does not have emotion due to his Autism and processing emotions differently. I felt all the emotions in this book and really put the main character in my shoes. I felt frustrated for her at times and felt happy for her in others. I really liked this novel. 

The Island – Elin Hilderbrand 

I love all of Elin’s books, I had just finished the winter series in November and it had me craving more of her writing. This book is about Birdie and her two daughters Chess and Tate. Birdie and Chess were all consumed planning a lavish wedding in Connecticut, when one night Chess calls Birdie and tells her the engagement is off. This was just the start of things going awry, they then get even worse news. Birdie decides that the three of them along with her sister India will go spend a distraction free summer back to their house on Nantucket. Throw sisters, daughters, ex-lovers all together in a house with no cell service, no tv or grocery store and just wait to see what the summer entails for them. Love all of her books, including this one!

Naturally Tan – Tan France

If you have watched Queer Eye on Netflix you know who Tan is, if you haven’t then you’re missing out and you need to go binge watch all of Queer Eye. This memoir was fantastic, I think everyone should read it. It talked about how Tan grew up gay in a Muslim community in Doncaster, England and how he had to overcome all of the adversaries in life. It was so funny because of his sense of humor and how he tells stories and I found myself putting myself in his shoes and really seeing how he felt in certain situations. I highly recommend this one. 

The Other Mrs. Miller – Allison Dickson 

This book was a total page turner. I couldn’t put it down! Phoebe Miller was an unhappy housewife, she noticed a car parked outside of her house almost everyday and she had no idea why the driver seemed to be spying on her, she lived a very boring life. Only one person knows why. Then a family moved in across the street, Vicki, her husband and their handsome son Jake. Vicki was very lively and her and Phoebe became friends, they starting meeting for lunch and shopping when Phoebe starting getting friendly with their son Jake. Phoebe finds her once dull routine full of excitement, when this all happens she is no longer focusing on the car parked outside of her house and she should be. This book kept me captivated and intrigued until the very last page, I finished the book in 2 days!

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