DIY Gold Polka Dot Mousepad

April 10, 2016

Want to jazz up your workspace? Why not add this posh mousepad! I found the inspiration for this on Pinterest and I had been dying to make it for my home office. I upgraded my desk last weekend and that lead me to needing to upgrade my mouse pad!


Supplies Needed:
Suede Fabric
Old Mouse Pad
Sharp Fabric Scissors
Thin Black Sharpie or PaperMate Pen
Freezer Paper
Mod Podge
Gold Leaf
Adhesive Spray Glue
Paint Brush
Hole Puncher




First I placed the suede fabric with the suede side down and traced the mouse pad with the thin black PaperMate pen. And then carefully cut the fabric along the line making sure not to pull on it because if you do the fabric will fray.






Next take the freezer paper and cut small squares, that are big enough to have a hole punch and some extra room. In the center of every square punch a hole with the hole punch with the shiny side of the freezer paper down. You want to make sure these are clean punches with no little frays or pieces of paper hanging off. I did about 15 – 20 of these.




Now arrange all of the squares with the shiny side down on the suede where you want the polka dots to be on the suede. With the iron on low lightly iron down the squares of freezer paper. And I really mean low…the first trial I had doing this I had the iron on high not thinking it would make a difference and it shrunk the suede fabric about a half of an inch!






Once the squares are adhered to the suede, with the paint brush, put some mod podge in each of the circles. I made sure the mod podge really covered the holes and it was on the paper some. Then take off small pieces of gold leaf and place it over the holes on top of the mod podge. The golf leaf is pretty difficult to deal with so be patient.




Once you have all of the gold leaf placed let it sit for about 30 minutes to 45 minutes depending on how dry it seems. Then carefully and I mean very carefully take up the squares by peeling them up. If you are too rough the golf leaf will peal off with the squares and the polka dots will not look how you want them to. After all of the squares are off spray the spray adhesive onto the back of the suede and place it onto the mouse pad. I didn’t have an old mouse pad so I just bought one from amazon. be sure to not spray too much adhesive because otherwise it will seep through the suede and ruin the material.




Now you are finished! Let the adhesive dry per the package instructions.




Have any of you done a DIY this weekend? I would love to hear about it!

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