Dwell Studio Bookshelf Hack

February 22, 2016

I have been on the hunt for the perfect shelving unit for next to my bed in my bedroom for quite some time now. I have had about 4 different shelving units pass through my bedroom in about a years time. I just couldn’t find the perfect one. Until I got the DwellStudio catalog in the mail and I fell in love with this shelving unit….that was until I found out it was $1,799.00. Obviously that was WAY out of my budget and I knew I had to get creative because my taste is way too expensive for my budget.



I decided to head to Ikea to pick up a simple and inexpensive shelving unit that also had glass shelves because I really loved the look of the Dwell Studio one. I found the perfect one that was very simple and has 4 shelves in white. It was only $49, what a deal after drooling over the other one.



I then went to Home Depot to get the gold spray paint, painters tape, a plastic drop cloth. I then hung the plastic drop cloth up to the cement wall in the basement with the painters tape. Make sure that there is enough of the plastic to completely go under the frame. I would highly recommend doing this outside so when you are spraying all of the fumes are not trapped in the basement. and I would just place the drop cloth on the ground under the shelving unit where you are going to be spraying.




I put together the frame on my kitchen island and placed the glass shelves to make sure that it was all set up correctly. Then I brought the frame down to the basement and placed it on the plastic drop cloth.



I followed the instructions on the can of spray paint. I sprayed all of the sides of the frame and make sure that you get the insides because I almost forgot those! I’m so glad that I picked up 2 cans to be safe, and its a good thing I did because I used 1 and a half cans to spray the entire frame.



Then you have to let it sit and dry which is the most painful part, well I know that it was for me. I just wanted it to be done so i could style it and put it in my room. Luckily the spray paint only takes a few hours to dry. Once it was dry, I brought it upstairs and put all the glass shelves on it and put it where I wanted in my bedroom. Then I took the books and vases and candles and everything that I wanted and put them on each shelf how I thought they looked best.


Here are some close-ups of what I have on each shelf on the very top I have a stack of fashion and reading books, with a framed print that I really liked. The next shelf down I have a recipe box from Rifle Paper Co that I am in love with, other fashion and travel books, a vase and a “Paris is Always a Good Idea” canvas.




The other shelves include other books; fashion books, cookbooks, reading books, a few candles or small trinket trays and glasses, a monogram letter C because no space is complete without a monogram letter.



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