Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week has flown by, I cant believe we are already halfway through September. Here are some of my favorites this week.




APPLE KEYNOTE – Yes, I watched this live and yes I loved every second of it. As far as the watch, I’ve been waiting for them to come out with a version that you can leave your phone behind and still get calls and texts on your wrist. So thank you Apple for that. As far as the new iPhones…the iPhone 8/8+ are great, better camera with studio lighting and the wireless charging is just genius. For the iPhone X, the screen that fills the front of the phone is cool but that faceID….creepy. I did preorder the iPhone 8+ today in that beautiful gold color. So now I am anxiously awaiting it to come in.


FALL SCENTED CANDLES – I picked up this Harmony candle from my local Homegoods, and it is the perfect scent for fall. I have been burning it for about a week because I am so excited for fall. Its my favorite time of year, my other go-to’s for fall, Leaves and Sweater Weather.


THE 52 LISTS PROJECT – It’s no secret that I love lists. I make many every single day and I love crossing things off my list. I got this book from one of my friends for my birthday and its a collection of 52 lists that have different prompts from “List The Difficult Moments In Your Past That Have Shaped You For The Better” to “List The Things That Make You Laugh”. The reason why I love this is because it is supposed to help you identify all of the beauty, joy, creativity and power that you already have!


NAVY VELVET PILLOWS – I love velvet for fall, I love navy. I picked up a pair this week and am already loving them, they are the perfect accent for my living room that is mainly leather, navy and gold.


WEDDING THINGS – We ordered sample invitations and I am having such a hard time deciding which I love the most. I am definitely thinking gold foil and something navy. And on the note of weddings, we are going to the Crate & Barrel Registry Event on Sunday to create our registry. I have a feeling I will go a little crazy. What were some of your most favorite items you got off your registry?


THE SIMPLIFIED PLANNER – I just got my Simplified Planner in Gold Pineapple this week. The Weeklys which is what I bought, sold out on the first day, but they will be back in stock mid November! The Daily’s are still available. Which are great if you have a lot of appointments or you are still in school. They come in the cutest patterns, the gold dot…need I say more… and are made with the nicest paper.


BLANKET SCARVES – I already got two this year even though we aren’t even close to it being scarf weather. I just get so excited when the stores release their fall collections and I need everything. I picked up this one and this one.


HEARTH & HAND – Also known as, Joanna Gaines’ Collection at Target. This made my week. I am so excited for November 5th to hit Target bright and early for the release of their collection. I will probably buy the whole collection. I am basic, but its ok. Also we are still two months away from Season 5 of Fixer Upper to come out. UGH.


WEEKLY EATS NOTEPAD – I picked this up at my Homegoods as well and it is such a great way to get organized and plan out your week with what you will make for dinner and what you need to pick up at the store. I like to plan on Sundays what we will be having for the week so that we have everything and we don’t have to go to the grocery store everyday.


What are some things that you are loving this week?



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  1. I am LOVING the velvet trend lately – it just seems so high end and pretty!!! Alsoooo, I’ve never heard of HEARTH & HAND!! Is that possible??? I need to check it out like yesterday!

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