Friday Favorites: Bicycles

Happy Friday!

Boy has this week been a busy one, it has me thinking about wanting to take a beach vacation. I have been spending my time in the Cape as well as beach towns in Rhode Island these past few weekends, which has been dreaming of a beach bicycle. Whenever I see one I immediately want to take it for a ride.

If I lived in a beach town or even in a town that had a cute downtown to ride to I would have already owned one of these, but since I do not, I only day dream everyday about it, it has taken the back burner for now.

But I can still compile all of my favorites into this post which is the beauty of a blog. 🙂 These are some of my favorites from my Pinterest Bicycle Board









I hope to get one this summer so I can take day trips to Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Newport and ride around. Do you like to take a bike for a ride in quaint towns?


Here are a few of my favorite bicycle decor items right now:

Disclosure: only this first image is mine, the rest were taken from Pinterest.

13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Bicycles

  1. I love bicycles! I brought mine with me to school this year and then ended up not even touching it! Haha – oops! These are all so cute!


  2. I love bikes. I bought a really cute beach cruiser a few summers ago with the intention to ride it by the beach. Only it doesn’t fit well in my car. So i struggle riding it around the neighborhood. It’s not really meant for these streets.

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