Friday Favorites: A Little Bit of Everything

Hello Everyone!

This week has been nothing but hectic! Today I will be sharing some of my favorite finds about this week!




1 || These mini macarons….I cannot tell you how grateful that I am to have such an amazing and supportive best friend who sends me 25 mini macarons as a congratulations for a new job that I accepted this week. They are the cutest macarons in the world and they taste SO delicious!! I cant thank you enough Carolyn for making my week (scratch that, year) and surprising me with these. LOVE YOU! They are from here. So. cute.




2 || This sunset that I saw last night after having a beautiful night with my boyfriend at Sakonnet Vineyard, RI. This sunset and view last night was breathtaking. Sakonnet Point and Vineyard are two of our favorite places to go. We went every Thursday last summer, it was so great to get back there. I love nights like these.


3 || I love quotes that you read at the right time that mean something to you in that exact moment. Check out some of my other favorite quotes here. But this one spoke to me this week: #balance


4 || Gimme Brow by Benefit. I got this in my Birchbox this week and I am obsessed. It is so new that it doesn’t come out till the 24th, if you order it online it wont ship till the 24th. I have super blonde hair and I use the color 1 and it is perfect for me. My eye brows are SO light and this makes a HUGE difference. I HIGHLY suggest that you check it out!


5 || Finding Dory comes out today! And yes I am as excited as a little kid. I am going to see it tonight, it looks SO GOOD. I have watched the trailer too many times.


How was your week? Anything fun happen? What have been your favorites this week?

xo CourtneyDrew

16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: A Little Bit of Everything

  1. THAT SUNSET. OH MY GOODNESS. It’s my favorite time of the day – I always used to say that I wanted to get married at that time of day just to watch the sun go down and see the beautiful colors that come with it!


  2. It sounds like you had a great week! Congratulations on the new job! I’m actually going to see Finding Dory too next week, lol.

    Sockwun |

  3. Those mini macaroons look delicious! I cannot wait to see Finding Dory. I feel like adults and teens are more excited to see it then children!

  4. I’m watching Finding Dory tonight and I’m SO PUMPED! Finding Nemo was my favorite movie and I have high expectations for this movie!

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