Sugar Paper/Target Desk Collection

The new Sugar Paper and Target collaboration line is to die for. Gold and white is my favorite color combination and desk supplies are my favorite. You could say that I am obsessed and need EVERYTHING for my desk. I am so bummed out that this collaboration didn’t come out 3 months ago when I bought a new big what desk, because the sugar paper desk is PERFECT. I was looking for one that was long so I could put my mac on it as well as my makeup so it was hard to fins one big enough and this desk would have been the perfect size. (oh well, maybe next time)

But I do want to add all of the desk accessories to my desk because they are all beyond perfect and will match everything in my bedroom perfectly. Literally my entire room is white and gold so it will all coordinate perfectly. I am dying for this lamp and these gold trays! I have this planner for 2016 and I love it. I am a huge planner person and always have to write everything down to keep myself organized.



Here are some of the products shown on the desk:






What are some of your desk essentials? Are you as in love with this collection as I am?



This post is not sponsored in anyway, I just love this collection and desk accessories.

22 thoughts on “Sugar Paper/Target Desk Collection

  1. Oh I love the desk items. So darling!! The desk is somewhat similar to one that I have had my eye on at Ikea

  2. Girl. There’s a good chance this is the most dangerous post I’ve read all day. Excuse me while I head over to and buy all the office supplies. Haha.

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