Gift Guide for the Girl on the Go

Now that the Christmas Shopping season is underway I thought I would share a few gift guides for the tough to shop for’s. In this gift guide I am going to give you ideas for those girls in your life that are always on the go! I know that in my life I have a few of these women who are tough to shop for, always running out the door to their next meeting or date. You could think of these people as the coffee addicted, worker bee and social butterflies. Some of the things I recommend are a portable charger, let’s face it, your iPhone never lasts as long as it should and it always seems to die at the worst moment. Tech gloves, for those cold days when you can’t afford to take off your gloves to check your emails. A corkcicle, I love these and have one on my Christmas list, they are perfect for making coffee at home or grabbing some water. They keep drinks cold and hot, and it helps they come in the prettiest colors! A new 2017 planner. Pom Hat, these are just too cute and will keep you fashionable and warm all winter long! Beats Ear buds, These have the best sound and would be great for those city commuters when you are walking around the city or taking the train. Great to listen to music, podcasts or even audiobooks! Sunglasses, everyone needs a new pair, I love these mirrored lens and the cause behind this brand. Dry Shampoo, its my life saver, perfect for when your hair just needs a little something but you dont have time to wash and dry it. And last but not least, The Madewell Tote, I have it and its amazing I love how much it holds so you can throw everything in there and its such a perfect color.



I hope that this was helpful for those on your list! What other gift guides do you want to see?


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