A Look Back On: Paris

February 17, 2016

Here I am going to take a look back on one of my favorite places…Paris. I love everything about Paris, the Parisians and their style. I visited Paris not too long ago but I find myself daydreaming of going back quite frequently.

Some of my favorite parts of Paris were the Eiffel Tower and the view from half way up because I was a baby and didn’t want to go all the way up to the top. (I’m scared of heights) That second picture is the view from the second tier up! Pretty nice if you ask me!

Paris6                Paris1

My favorite food is bagels so I was so excited when the hotel I was staying at was right next to this cute bagel shop, there were also so many adorable bakeries and cafes. One day when I was exploring near the Sen I found this precious flower garden in the middle of the city. I couldn’t believe how in the middle of all the hustle and bustle there was the cutest little garden.


Paris11               Paris14


I went to see the Arc de Triumph and the Louvre. The architecture of The Louvre was amazing with the mix of historical buildings with modern touched of the pyramids made it very appealing. The Arc de Triumph was at the end of the Champs Elysees and it was very cool it was a beautiful afternoon when I went to see it.

Paris5           Paris7


I went on a company visit to Louis Vuitton on the Champs Elysees and it was very exciting to be on the major shopping street and visit the best of the best in Paris. I got a tour of the store and got to spend some time in the V.I.P. room talking with one of the stylists. It was amazing. The trees and buildings on the Champs Elysees are beautiful.


Paris4              Paris2


Some of the other side streets hold the most beautiful back drops, In the picture on the left I saw a movie being filmed so when I say that its like what you see in movies I’m not kidding! I found this pretty red door in one of the castles in the heart of Paris and the details are dream worthy.

Paris8               Paris13

One very cool view of the city was when I climbed all the way to the top of a hill and climbed up Montmarte. It is the tallest castle in Paris and gives you an amazing view of the city. I have to say climbing up to the tippy top was not easy but the views were well worth it. I was very claustrophobic climbing up because it was a very windy staircase with only one way up and it was very narrow and made of stone with very few windows. But as you can see the view of the city was incredible because I was SO high up.

Paris12              Paris112


One of my favorite times in Paris was going to see the eiffel tower at night. I love the lights that light up the whole city on the eiffel tower. Every 10 or so minutes the entire eiffel tower lights up like fireworks and it sparkles for about a minute. It is so beautiful and magical.

Paris3               Paris113


My most favorite spot in all of Paris though was the love lock bridge. It is a symbol of the city of love and it brings out the love in everyone who visits. It really brings people together for all one purpose and thats what I love the most. People purchase locks from little street vendors and they write their initials on the lock and put it on the bridge and throw the key into the water. Fun fact though, they have to take down the bridge periodically becuase the bridge gets so heavy with all the locks on it.



Have you been to Paris? What was your favorite memory from there? I cannot wait to return, hopefully sometime soon!

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