Memorial Day Weekend


Happy early Memorial Day! I always loved Memorial Day weekend because its the official start of summer and if you are a rule follower then the official start of white pants…I don’t follow that rule. I’ve been wearing white denim for weeks! And on top of that its my sister’s birthday weekend so we always have something going on for that! So its time to start packing for your long weekend, I know you have no idea what to pack or wear just like me every time I go away or have anything going on. So hopefully this makes it a little easier for you!


I am loving this palm print two piece set from Mumu, navy tops paired with white denim and white dresses. Navy and white is basically my summer wardrobe so you’ll be seeing alot of that coming up. Im obsessed with the top of this bikini, I think that it has the perfect amount of coverage while still being trendy and cute! Don’t forget the sunscreen for whatever you do/wear this weekend, I applied sunscreen 4 times last Saturday and still got burnt! I am dying to try Glossier’s Invisible Shield sunscreen has anyone tried it yet?


If you are looking for a floppy hat with a cute saying like the one linked, check out my DIY post from last year to learn how to make your own!


Enjoy your long weekend everyone!



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