Crisp Fall Days



WEDGES: Lucky Brand (mine are last year’s, similar Here) | DENIM: JCrew | SWEATER: Gap (Similar here) | SCARF: Abercrombie (mine is sold out, similar here, and here) | SUNNIES: Michael Kors | BAG: Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM | Ring: David Yurman | Watch: Apple Watch


This outfit is one of my go-to’s I am always wearing natural colors and stripes. I love to wear a pair of denim with a neutral color top and then dress it up with a scarf or jacket. I think that it makes any outfit just a bit better and you cant go wrong.

The weather is finally starting to feel like fall, the air is getting crisper and the leaves are falling. Tt only took until November for this to happen though! Its been the weirdest fall this year. I didn’t get to do my normal pumpkin picking and visit the apple orchard 5 times.

With that being said, I am getting so excited for Christmas, its only 7 weeks away. I will be starting my Christmas posts soon but I am holding on to the last few of fall for now. Let me know what you want to see for the holiday season.



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Hearth & Hand Collection by Magnolia Home

Hi Friends! The much anticipated Hearth & Hand Collection by Magnolia Home is now out in Target. I know what you’re thinking…how could Target get any better? Well it just did. Chip and Joanna knocked it out of the park with this line and they created the most gorgeous, affordable pieces. I had such a hard time picking what I wanted because everything is so perfect. There are so many Christmas items too that will get you into the Christmas spirit. I am guilty of being first in line this morning at my Target and then coming home to order anything that they didn’t have online. There is a code for a $10 gift card when you spend $15 in the home decor section which I know you all will benefit from, it was on the catalog that was sent out, if you don’t have it I’m sure you can get on chat with someone and ask them to apply it. Oh! And free shipping. I am also listening to Christmas music and decorating as we speak. Anyway, let’s dive right into the best things from the collection…



I am so excited to style all of the new pieces that I got and show you guys! I think I am most excited for the garland to use as a centerpiece with candle sticks. If you guys get anything I would love to see and hear about them. Leave a comment below or send me pictures!



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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a good week and have fun things planned for the weekend! Here is a roundup of some off the fun and exciting things in my week!



ONE YEAR – In a short 365 days I will be walking down the aisle to marry my groom! I cannot believe how fast time flies. May this year bring more champagne, happiness and love than the last year. Let the countdown (…and the planning) begin!


FIDDLE LEAF FIG – I got a fiddle leaf fig about a year ago and I have loved it since the day I got it. Then one day I killed it, or so I thought. I cut the part off the top and then regretted it cause I thought I made and worse. Then, this week I saw 2 new leaves starting to grow and I cannot tell you how happy I am. Maybe my thumb isn’t so black after all.


PHONE CASE – Now that I got the iPhone 8+, I need a phone case. I can’t even tell you how big of an upgrade it was to go from the 6 to the 8+, the screen is so much nicer, the phone is so much bigger and the camera is amazing. I have been loving my new phone and playing around with it a ton! Here are my favorite cases right now. It was so hard to choose but I got this one from Rifle Paper Co.


FALL SHOWS – This is Us started on Tuesday and Survivor started on Wednesday. I am so happy that my favorite shows are back! I am going to start 9JKL on CBS, its new and starts next Monday. I am excited because one of my favorite characters from Royal Pains, Mark Feuerstein, is in it.


FALL DECOR – I started decorating for fall and it has made my house so much cozier. I love fall and winter decor. I’m thinking of doing a DIY fall decor piece. I have something in mind that I think you guys will love! I don’t love all of the oranges and bright fall colors so it is definitely more neutral in color.


What were some of your favorites this week?

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Recipe Box: Mussels with White Wine, Butter, Herbs + Sourdough


Matt and I wanted to try a new recipe this weekend, he was in the mood for seafood so we looked through our cook book, The Coastal Table and decided on mussels with white wine, butter, herbs and sourdough bread. We grabbed all of the ingredients and got to it. We had so much fun making this we had not made mussels at home before and it was super easy, Matt even said they were the best ones that he had ever had! I wish you could smell through these pictures because the smell was UNREAL while we were cooking.




1 1/2 pounds of mussels
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
1 medium shallot
1 clove of garlic, sliced
1/2 cup white wine
1 lemon, juiced
2 sprigs of fresh thyme, plus extra for garnish
1 bay leaf
kosher salt, to taste
ground black pepper, to taste
loaf of sourdough bread, for serving



1. Remove beards of each mussel (beards are weedy growth attached to hinges of shells) and rise mussels well under cold water. Discard any open mussels and set aside.

2. In a large pot, melt butter over medium heat. Add shallot and cook until translucent, about 5 minutes. Add garlic and cook for another 1-2 minutes. Add mussels and increase heat to high. when mussels start to open, add wine, lemon juice, thyme, and bay leaf, season with salt and pepper, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and cover pot. Cook until mussels are fully opened, 5-10 minutes, shaking pot a couple of times while holding down lid with a kitchen towel. (Shaking pot will prevent mussels from sticking to bottom of pot.)

3. Take mussels off heat and discard any that have not opened. Remove thyme stems and bay leaf. Transfer mussels to serving bowls, sprinkle each serving with fresh thyme leaves, and serve warm with sourdough bread.




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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week has flown by, I cant believe we are already halfway through September. Here are some of my favorites this week.




APPLE KEYNOTE – Yes, I watched this live and yes I loved every second of it. As far as the watch, I’ve been waiting for them to come out with a version that you can leave your phone behind and still get calls and texts on your wrist. So thank you Apple for that. As far as the new iPhones…the iPhone 8/8+ are great, better camera with studio lighting and the wireless charging is just genius. For the iPhone X, the screen that fills the front of the phone is cool but that faceID….creepy. I did preorder the iPhone 8+ today in that beautiful gold color. So now I am anxiously awaiting it to come in.


FALL SCENTED CANDLES – I picked up this Harmony candle from my local Homegoods, and it is the perfect scent for fall. I have been burning it for about a week because I am so excited for fall. Its my favorite time of year, my other go-to’s for fall, Leaves and Sweater Weather.


THE 52 LISTS PROJECT – It’s no secret that I love lists. I make many every single day and I love crossing things off my list. I got this book from one of my friends for my birthday and its a collection of 52 lists that have different prompts from “List The Difficult Moments In Your Past That Have Shaped You For The Better” to “List The Things That Make You Laugh”. The reason why I love this is because it is supposed to help you identify all of the beauty, joy, creativity and power that you already have!


NAVY VELVET PILLOWS – I love velvet for fall, I love navy. I picked up a pair this week and am already loving them, they are the perfect accent for my living room that is mainly leather, navy and gold.


WEDDING THINGS – We ordered sample invitations and I am having such a hard time deciding which I love the most. I am definitely thinking gold foil and something navy. And on the note of weddings, we are going to the Crate & Barrel Registry Event on Sunday to create our registry. I have a feeling I will go a little crazy. What were some of your most favorite items you got off your registry?


THE SIMPLIFIED PLANNER – I just got my Simplified Planner in Gold Pineapple this week. The Weeklys which is what I bought, sold out on the first day, but they will be back in stock mid November! The Daily’s are still available. Which are great if you have a lot of appointments or you are still in school. They come in the cutest patterns, the gold dot…need I say more… and are made with the nicest paper.


BLANKET SCARVES – I already got two this year even though we aren’t even close to it being scarf weather. I just get so excited when the stores release their fall collections and I need everything. I picked up this one and this one.


HEARTH & HAND – Also known as, Joanna Gaines’ Collection at Target. This made my week. I am so excited for November 5th to hit Target bright and early for the release of their collection. I will probably buy the whole collection. I am basic, but its ok. Also we are still two months away from Season 5 of Fixer Upper to come out. UGH.


WEEKLY EATS NOTEPAD – I picked this up at my Homegoods as well and it is such a great way to get organized and plan out your week with what you will make for dinner and what you need to pick up at the store. I like to plan on Sundays what we will be having for the week so that we have everything and we don’t have to go to the grocery store everyday.


What are some things that you are loving this week?



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25 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Here’s to a quarter of a century. My birthday is one of my favorite days of the year, its a time where I reflect back on the previous year and see how far I’ve grown. I have to say year 24 was the best one yet! I thought it might be fun to round up 25 facts that define me.



1. I am a true Virgo.
2. I always have to have my nails painted. I hate the look of unpainted nails and toenails.
3. I would choose appetizers over dessert any day.
4. I love cooking and baking, I am always trying new recipes.
5. I have a full blown obsession with Pinterest. I am on there everyday and have well over 10k pins.
6. I love board games, they are my guilty pleasure.
7. My favorite food is pizza, I could eat it everyday and never get sick of it.
8. I love plants, my favorite are fiddle leaf figs, but I do not have a green thumb. At all.
9. I don’t like my food touching on my plate. I like to eat everything separately and one at a time.
10. I strongly believe that a good candle can transform your whole house.
11. My two favorite smells in the world are the beach and lemon.
12. My favorite movie is A Cinderella Story.
13. I am a workaholic. I have a full time job, two part time jobs as well as my blog.
14. I am super competitive, I hate loosing.
15. My go-to coffee order is quad-venti caramel macchiato upside down. Hot or iced.
16. I love white marble. I dream of someday having an all white kitchen with white marble counters.
17. My favorite outfit is a great pair of denim and a navy and white striped top.
18. I have a weakness for gummy bears, the champagne ones are my favorite.
19. I am notorious for falling asleep every time I watch TV.
20. For the shows I have made it through, Gossip Girl, Fixer Upper, Royal Pains and Master of None have been my favorites.
21. I read a lot, I love beach reads and physiological thrillers. I am always on the hunt for my next great book.
22. I am always freezing cold. I carry a scarf or sweater in my bag wherever I go.
23. My go-to cocktail at a bar is gin & tonic with lime. Or a glass of champagne.
24. Lists are my favorite, I make lists for everything.
25. I am marrying the love of my life in a little over a year. And I am SO. EXCITED.


Do you relate to any of these fun facts? Do any of them surprise you?


Here are a few things that are on my birthday wishlist:


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Workout With Me

This summer I have really been dedicating the majority of my time and energy to getting healthy. I have been working out a ton and I am trying to eat healthier, while still balancing it all out with the occasional doughnut and pizza splurge. 😉 I have been going to spin classes multiple times a week since April and boy do I see a huge change, not so much with my weight, but with my energy and my attitude. I go in the morning and its the perfect kickstart workout to my day, I leave with more energy I could have ever imagined myself having after waking up at 4:45 AM and it lasts ALL DAY.


workout with me


It’s the music during the classes and the sense of community, that my body has been lacking, which always has me anxiously awaiting my next class. Ever since college volleyball ended I have been needing to find my place again in the workout world and I have finally found it. For some it’s yoga, some prefer barre, whatever it is, find it and stick with it. I have become friends with my instructors and they are the ones that motivate me, they are what push me to be a better version of myself. …And having one of my best friends go through all of this with me, makes it all even better. I mean everyone needs someone to hold you accountable and make sure you get to class on time! (Even if you are ALWAYS 2 minutes late on Tuesdays)



It’s the music that really keeps me going and really pushes me just a little bit harder. I rounded up some of my favorite songs that I have heard in my classes or that I just love to listen to at the gym. The songs that are motivational during the “my ride” song usually really stick with me. You can follow along with me on my Spotify.




Shop my sneaks, pants and favorite sports bra here:

new balance 247 sneakers
lululemon pace revival pants
lululemon energy bra

What motivates you to be the best version of yourself? Comment below on your favorite songs right now!

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Memorial Day Weekend


Happy early Memorial Day! I always loved Memorial Day weekend because its the official start of summer and if you are a rule follower then the official start of white pants…I don’t follow that rule. I’ve been wearing white denim for weeks! And on top of that its my sister’s birthday weekend so we always have something going on for that! So its time to start packing for your long weekend, I know you have no idea what to pack or wear just like me every time I go away or have anything going on. So hopefully this makes it a little easier for you!


I am loving this palm print two piece set from Mumu, navy tops paired with white denim and white dresses. Navy and white is basically my summer wardrobe so you’ll be seeing alot of that coming up. Im obsessed with the top of this bikini, I think that it has the perfect amount of coverage while still being trendy and cute! Don’t forget the sunscreen for whatever you do/wear this weekend, I applied sunscreen 4 times last Saturday and still got burnt! I am dying to try Glossier’s Invisible Shield sunscreen has anyone tried it yet?


If you are looking for a floppy hat with a cute saying like the one linked, check out my DIY post from last year to learn how to make your own!


Enjoy your long weekend everyone!



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Wicked Tulip Farm


My Outfit Details: White Denim | Denim Jacket | Palm Tank | Jack Rogers | Sunnies (similar)


Matt and I were taking a drive yesterday when we stumbled upon Wicked Tulip Flower Farm in Johnston, RI. We had not even heard of it but got a last minute recommendation to check it out, and let me tell you…I am SO glad that we did. It is the most picturesque flower farm I’ve been to. There are rows and rows of tulips and they are gorgeous! This is actually the only U-pick tulip farm in New England. This would be the perfect place to take family photos as the tulips are so photogenic.

I highly recommend you all going, if you do you should def buy tickets online first (we ordered them in the parking lot! haha) at Yesterday was opening day and for a Thursday it was surprisingly busy so I can only imagine how busy it will be on the weekends! Once you get there they give you a little basket or bucket to collect your tulips in and you get picking, they are $1 per tulip. Then you bring them over to the wrapping station and you can either wrap them yourself or have someone do it for you. And they count them there, then you go over to pay and its that simple! I love tulips and now have them in three rooms of my house! They really brighten up the room and are so springy!

If any of you go, please tag me in your pics so I can see your beautiful flower pics 🙂

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Winter to Spring: Transition Pieces

I think that one of the hardest times to dress is during the transition weather, especially when it goes from Winter to Spring. Lets face it we are all SO over Winter and are dying to break out the warmer pieces…but thats so not logical right now. It is still FREEZING even though it is technically spring, well thats New England for you but I am dying to start wearing dresses and lighter colors. (I have a strict black/navy dress code during the freezing cold months) Below are some of the transition pieces I have picked up so that I can start easing into the spring mode. I am so happy that it is now still light out when I get home from work, its the little things in life people…


Some of my favorite transition pieces are light jackets like this trench and camo jacket, I got a camo jacket for Christmas this year so I am so excited to wear it a ton this spring. I think that camo is such a fun print and goes well with neutrals and slip on sneaks. I have been wearing my slip on sneakers a ton this year (see top pic of bedazzled ones… Another trend I’m trying this spring is mules, they are so not my usual style…but I found Gucci dupes and I couldn’t resist, here are the originals. Still having a hard time styling them, maybe I’ll get used to them. I’ll show you all the current dupes in another post.


The Chloe cross body is to die for and I love the color of it this season. It would truly go with everything you own, but defiantly an investment piece! Then we get to the gingham top which is so cute, and the off the shoulder is in again this season. And this ruffle back top might be more summer than spring but I love the ruffle v-back and the navy color so if you are going somewhere warm, pick it up! Karen Walker sunnies are my favorite and I’m dying to get my hands on a pair. And lastly Nars lipstick in Orgasm is the perfect shade for spring, its the perfect everyday pink without being too overwhelming.


What are your favorites for the transition into spring?



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