November Goals

November 3, 2015

Hello everyone and welcome to! I am a twenty-something who’s passions include fashion, cooking and baking, shopping, staying up to date on trends and enjoying life to the fullest!

Some Goals that I have for November, with November being a busy month I am excited to try to accomplish these 10 goals! Wish me luck!

1 || Create a website that is easy to navigate as well as one that is stylish.

2 || Gain at least 50 followers on my Instagram account courtneydrew__ with at least 30 posts by the end of November! (lets see how I do with the posts!)

3 || Do lots of research to find other like blogs to follow and add to my blogger network (goal 30 this month).

4 || Find myself a blogger mentor who can help with the process of starting a blog and helping with tips and tricks on how to excel.

5 || Improve my picture taking, it has already come a long way since I started focusing on it this summer and I know that it will get better with practice.

6 || Get the majority of my Christmas shopping done because if any of you are like me you know how last minute we can all get with shopping for the holidays.

7 || Make 1 new recipe every week for dinner. I am cooking a lot more lately and I would love to try all sorts of different recipes.

8 || Go to visit some of my favorite places and some new places that are on my checklist. First of the month and I already checked one of them off my list…pretty good start!

9 || One thing that I always struggle with is shopping, I am trying to not buy anything for myself in the month of November, especially with the holidays coming up I need to focus on giving rather than buying for myself.

10 || With Thanksgiving coming up I want to spend as much time with family as I can and enjoy the holidays.

What are your goals? Any of them the same as mine? I would love to hear!


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