February 10, 2020

About 2 weeks ago I got an email from one of our favorite hotels in Montreal that we have been dying to stay at, Hotel William Gray. In that email was all the winter happenings. I was intrigued so I opened it, I saw something that looked like restaurant week called, Happening Gourmand, for the restaurants in the Old Port, which is also where Hotel William Gray is. So I sent it over to Matt and said “we should go!”, he responded with “omg its Igloofest too, I’ve always wanted to go!” so on that Thursday morning we booked the trip! I am a sucker for email marketing apparently.

This is the first time that I have been to Canada in the winter time and it was freezing cold, but it was interesting because even though it snowed 20 in on Friday, it was nothing to them, everything went on like normal and nothing was closed! There were piles of snow everywhere but they said that they only clear the snow once a week so it was all just packed down rather than plowed! Also Quebec has a law that everyone needs to put snow tires on their car in December so everyone was driving like it was nothing. Safe to say it was an adventure!

Where We Stayed:
Hotel William Gray in the Old Port, it is a dreamy hotel and the aesthetic is spot on. They were actually one of the sponsors for Igloofest so we booked through them to get the VIP package. Which gave us access to a section with a heated building, heat lamps, a separate bar and heated bathrooms. It was SO worth it to go this route because Saturday it felt like -9 degrees!
The view from our room was amazing and we could see Igloofest, it was also just across the street so we could walk to Igloofest which was amazing!

What We Did:
Shopping at some of our favorite spots in Mile End, St. Catherine Street, and some other boutique/brands we love. I always stop by a few Lululemon’s because they are the same price in Canada and the exchange rate makes it cheaper! Also the exchange rate right now is 0.75 per their dollar so its like everything is 25% off!

Igloofest, which is an outdoor electronic music festival, the headliner is Charlotte de Witte, it was SO fun. We have already said that we will be back next year!

Then after Igloofest, we went to Newspeak where they have DJ’s every night of the week and Matt got a photo pass so we went. Even though we were so tired from being up at 3:30 am.

Where We Ate:
St. Viatuer Bagels – We like them better than Fairmont Bagels… the biggest debate on which are better

TimeOut Market Montreal – Moleskine Pizza, TimeOut Market just opened a few months ago and its so cute and has so many great options. Also its right on St. Catherine Street so its the perfect lunch spot when out and about while shopping!

Brassiere 701 – A French dinner spot for Happening Gourmand – highly recommend!

Drinks at Maggie Oaks Bar at Hotel William Gray

Late night poutine from a food truck at Igloofest – so good!

Maggie Oaks for breakfast

September Surf Cafe – the best latte’s!

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  • Reply Brittany February 15, 2020 at 2:08 pm

    Wow I’m so surprised to learn that they just pack down the snow instead of plowing every day!! What a neat place, I want to go there and try your suggestions!

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