Sequin Floppy Sun Hat

I am going for a warm winter getaway in a few weeks and I am starting to gear up for my trip. I got the inspiration for this post from this sun hat. I love it and I think it is so chic, but unfortunately I don’t have an extra $485 to spend on a beach hat at the moment. So I decided that I would just make my own.

I had an extra floppy sun hat lying around from last year that I decided to use but I suggest that you look into this sun hat (only $38!) or any other sun hat that is similar!




Then I went to the craft store and picked up some sequin ribbon in black but I also recommend navy because the contrast of colors would look good and have some pop on the light sun hat. You can really use any color that you want though! I also picked up some grosgrain ribbon to but around the head part to give the hat a little more flair and to really give it the look of the Eugenia Kim hat. I chose black for that as well so that it would match the sequins. I also picked up some tailor chalk and fabric glue.




Then I traced out the letters that I wanted onto the hat with the tailor chalk, it is good to use this because it rubs right off and its good to trace the glue with! I made two hats, one to give to a friend for her birthday. I chose to write Out of Office on my hat to make it personalized to fit my life and Life’s a beach on the other hat that I made for my friend.





Once the tailor chalk is on the rim of the hat you can trace it with the fabric glue and place the sequin ribbon along the glue lines. Let that sit for the rest of the day/overnight. While that is drying you can glue the grosgrain ribbon around the head of the hat, Let that sit also. Then voila! You are ready to hit the pool/beach.





3 thoughts on “Sequin Floppy Sun Hat

  1. Hey Courtney!

    I love this piece! So I wanted to buy a similar hat that says ‘beach please’ but it’s been out of stock for over a month now and I’m off to Ibiza next month. Now that I’ve seen your guide on how to create the look I think I’ll just make my own!

    Enjoy the weekend chick xxx


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