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Winter to Spring: Transition Pieces

March 27, 2017

I think that one of the hardest times to dress is during the transition weather, especially when it goes from Winter to Spring. Lets face it we are all SO over Winter and are dying to break out the warmer pieces…but thats so not logical right now. It is still FREEZING even though it is technically spring, well thats New England for you but I am dying to start wearing dresses and lighter colors. (I have a strict black/navy dress…

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Easter Dress

March 20, 2016

Easter is the big kick off for spring time and growing up my sisters and I were always wearing matching dresses whether it was dresses that our Mom made for us or some other bright spring dress. So every year for Easter I look forward to the floral prints and the bright colors. And with that it usually leads me to purchasing a new Easter dress! These are some of my top picks for this spring and I think they…

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