Workout With Me

This summer I have really been dedicating the majority of my time and energy to getting healthy. I have been working out a ton and I am trying to eat healthier, while still balancing it all out with the occasional doughnut and pizza splurge. 😉 I have been going to spin classes multiple times a week since April and boy do I see a huge change, not so much with my weight, but with my energy and my attitude. I go in the morning and its the perfect kickstart workout to my day, I leave with more energy I could have ever imagined myself having after waking up at 4:45 AM and it lasts ALL DAY.


workout with me


It’s the music during the classes and the sense of community, that my body has been lacking, which always has me anxiously awaiting my next class. Ever since college volleyball ended I have been needing to find my place again in the workout world and I have finally found it. For some it’s yoga, some prefer barre, whatever it is, find it and stick with it. I have become friends with my instructors and they are the ones that motivate me, they are what push me to be a better version of myself. …And having one of my best friends go through all of this with me, makes it all even better. I mean everyone needs someone to hold you accountable and make sure you get to class on time! (Even if you are ALWAYS 2 minutes late on Tuesdays)



It’s the music that really keeps me going and really pushes me just a little bit harder. I rounded up some of my favorite songs that I have heard in my classes or that I just love to listen to at the gym. The songs that are motivational during the “my ride” song usually really stick with me. You can follow along with me on my Spotify.




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What motivates you to be the best version of yourself? Comment below on your favorite songs right now!

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